Keep Your Distance (2020-ongoing)

Keep Your Distance is an existential case study, contemplating the experience of living during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Conducted through a series of walks, this is a journey along the Bridgewater Canal, beginning in Manchester and concluding in Leigh. A journey that is equal parts an ambush on restlessness, a curios observation and an expression of uncertainty. 

As doubt in the government’s response to the pandemic grew, with public interaction and communication increasingly subject to alienation, this navigation adopted a pessimistic perspective. 

Throughout the journey my stomach tightened at each passing encounter, not through fear of the virus, but from the unknown result of each social interaction. Averted gaze and fraught scrambling to attain excessive social distancing. 

As the security of societal infrastructure seems to faulter, perhaps only the persistence of the planet can be relied on. The water will continue to flow for millennia, regardless of that which it will come to flow over. 

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