Catch Your Breath (2019)

Catch Your Breath is a meditation on the claustrophobia of Venice, explored through a combination of photography and literature.

The chaotic Venetian streets are an overwhelming experience, creating a stress-induced psychogeographic navigation of the city. An anxious pursuit of calm space, in response to the socio-political tensions of a landscape saturated by tourism. A documentation of the tranquillity found amidst the relentless force of commodified culture. 

Accompanying the imagery is the short story Anatomy of a City, a vivid fictionalisation of the Venetian landscape. A cruel personification that reframes the struggling ecology through an empathic mutilation. 

The project was conceived during the 2019 Venice Biennale Steward-Research Fellowship, coordinated by the British Council.

The book is available to purchase from the store

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