Catch Your Breath (2019)

Amid the height of Summer multitudes of people descend upon the labyrinthian streets of Venice, searching to indulge in a curious city seemingly frozen in history. Whilst the city succeeds in presenting an intense historicity, the experience soon becomes overwhelming; the constant flow of people stops for no one.

Catch Your Breath is a photographic literary response to Venice, exploring through an adoption of psychogeographic tendencies the psychological tension induced by the high density of people and ongoing ecological issues. This series presents a survey of calm, documenting the quiet spaces of the city. The spaces that are often being adopted by tourists and residents alike, using non-commodified areas as unconventional places of rest; in pursuit of a temporary remedy to the environmental sensory overload. Accompanied by a short story that vividly fictionalises the Venetian landscape through a cruel personification, reframing the struggling ecology as a mutilated life form.

The project was conceived during the 2019 Venice Biennale Steward-Research Fellowship, coordinated by the British Council.

This is a preview of the body of work. The publication is currently in development, with public release scheduled for March 2020.

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