Nothing of Great Importance / Alex Nelu

"Alex Nelu’s laborious exploration of urban streets contemplates the significance of the everyday landscape, elevating our perception with a sense of modern mythology. A psychologically internal navigation by foot facilitates the discovery of each scene, drawing from a spontaneity that is reinforced by the disorienting experience of exploring the unknown.

The stillness stirs an unease, anticipating the unfamiliar, the elasticity of response straining. Yet Nelu’s infatuation persists, he trades his own visibility for the Romantic gesture of golden sunlight and startling reflections, from which the scenes transcend their studium to form a new narrative; a poetic metamorphosis of the disregarded landscape."

Text written for 1 SqM Gallery

1 SqM Gallery, New Adelphi, The University of Salford

September 2019

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