Amidst The Green I seek Serene / Sadé Mica

"Fingers point towards the Earth, to which the feet are rooted. A deep breath echoing the wind in the tall, bowing grass. A single, fluid motion. Fingers rise, lifting towards the sky above, soaring. The body curves, reacting, searching for balance. Achieving the ascent, fingers begin to glide, gently down towards the horizon. Legs hold firm to the ground, feet flexing on grass. The back leans steadily, securing a tension as each disc locks into place. Palms reach horizontally, shoulders stretching, discovering new limits and surrendering. Feeling a perpetual fall that never comes, a balance is achieved, for a moment, as is a freedom from all desires. A crescent meditation.

Sadé Mica is a queer, black artist exploring the intricacies of their lived experience. Recently their pursuit of social liberation continues through an exploration of their body in the natural world and the freedom that nature facilitates."

Text written for 1 SqM Gallery

1 SqM Gallery, New Adelphi, The University of Salford

November 2019

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